What is a write-fighter?

A write-fighter is a total badass who writes an entire novella in 3 days! Do you have what it takes to be a write-fighter? Enter the 3-Day Novella Contest!

What is the 3-Day Novella Contest?

Every year, write-fighters worldwide compete to see who can write the best book in 3 days. Our judges then read every submission to determine the top 3 winners. Every entry is read by at least 2 different judges. Any manuscript on the top 10 shortlist is read by ALL judges. The top 3 write-fighters win a publishing contract with Feybreak Books, as well as a cash prize. The top 10 write-fighters earn a place in the Write-Fighters Hall of Fame!

Who are the judges?

The 4 original founding judges for the Write-Fighters 3DNC:

  • Dorothyanne Brown is a retired nurse. She was on the 3DNC shortlist in 2012 for Recycled Virgin. She has been published in several places, including the Army Times, Country Connection, the Ottawa Citizen, the Oxford Companion to Medicine, and the Canadian Author's Association Anthology. She also runs Somewhat Grumpy Press.

  • Tim Covell is a technical writer and freelance editor. He has published academic research, a wide range of short non-fiction, poetry, and short humour. His first novel, Ocean's Lure, should be available soon at Covell.ca.

  • Gavin McKercher (AKA Gavin Masters) is the webmaster for the Write-Fighters 3DNC. He won 2nd place in the 2015 3DNC for his 40,000-word novella Bordertown. He holds a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Carleton University, is the author of several novels, and runs Feybreak Books.

  • Siri Nesheim is a museum educator, who writes and edits the historical society’s educational and promotional materials. She also beta-reads fiction, and has guided several novels to publication. She runs Siri's Reading Corner.

How long are entries expected to be?

Lengths vary, but manuscripts generally average 25,000 words. But size isn’t everything. Winning entries have been as short as 13,000 words, and as long as 47,000 words.

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